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Fart Filter: Doctor Recommended - Flatulence Deodorizer

Fart Filter: Doctor Recommended - Flatulence Deodorizer(tm)... Quote: "Take Back Your Life Again! No Need to Remain Trapped in Your Home! Now you can go out in public without fear of embarrassment due to the odour of excessive intestinal gas: Flatulence - caused by any reason or condition! Say Goodbye to malodorous gas - permanently! This material is proven in Gulf Combat! Lives depend on it!"
Gratuitously stolen from monochrom

Earth, Wind, & Zire

Ok, I stole that headline from Gizmodo. I don't know why, I just think it's funny. Actually, since Jamie sent me a link to an MSNBC/MSN story about the new Palms, my brain was tuned to scan for reviews of the units. They really aren't bad units when you read what you get. For $299 (which is what I paid for my Vx back in the day), the Zire 72 is a spiffy little Palm. Now, if it only had a GSM phone integrated.
Yeah, I'm being greedy. What's a geek to do? Oh, and since the NDAs lifted today, check out all the reviews:

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Read - Zire 31 …

Stupidest Description Evah

Comcast digital cable provides an on-screen menu to select what to watch. Very handy usually; especially the Reminder feature (Note to any Comcast people; provide more listings... go like two weeks out so I can set reminders farthur out.) The guide also provides descriptions of the shows so you can get an idea of what the show is about. Pretty straightforward. How straightforward? Try this one on:

Thanks, that was very helpful. Notice that it's a 6-hour event, too. I don't know about you, but a 6-hour auction sounds to me like a pretty important event, say, one that deserved a better description.

Who writes this stuff? Seriously, I want to know.

This "Controversy" Over the War Dead Photos

This idiocy of the pictures and Bush "hiding" the dead returning from Iraq needs to stop. 

From "Curtains Ordered for Media Coverage of Returning Coffins" by Dana Milbank (Washington Post, 21 Oct 2003):
Since the end of the Vietnam War, presidents have worried that their military actions would lose support once the public glimpsed the remains of U.S. soldiers arriving at air bases in flag-draped caskets.
To this problem, the Bush administration has found a simple solution: It has ended the public dissemination of such images by banning news coverage and photography of dead soldiers' homecomings on all military bases.
In March, on the eve of the Iraq war, a directive arrived from the Pentagon at U.S. military bases. "There will be no arrival ceremonies for, or media coverage of, deceased military personnel returning to or departing from Ramstein [Germany] airbase or Dover [Del.] base, to include interim stops," the Defense Department said, referring to th…

Used cellphone market

This is the article on BoingBoing:

Used cellphone market taking off The NYT reports on the growing US market for refurbished, used cellphones.

But there is also the cellphone equivalent of the preowned BMW. ReCellular, a company based in Dexter, Mich., resells about four million handsets in bulk worldwide each year. Of the 1.5 million it resells domestically, mostly for use in prepaid wireless plans, "plenty are higher-end with cameras and bells and whistles," said Eric Forster, an executive for the company, which finds buyers for phones collected by charities, as well as retailers' overstocks and trade-ins.
Link (via Engadget)
Now, why do I post this? Becuase I was curious about stuff from Dexter, of course. I did a Yahoo Maps on the company: check out where they're located. (For those who don't know, it's about 500 yards from where my girlfriend used to live.) Small world.
[via Boing Boing]

Wrap rage - "Extreme anger caused by product packaging that is difficult to open or manipulate"

Wrap rage? Aren't we all becoming just a little overly sensitive? I mean, I don't like that I have to whip out scissors to get at my headphones, but rage? I think there's enough misery and injustice in the world to rage against. Let's leave our consumables out of it.

Wrap rage - "Extreme anger caused by product packaging that is difficult to open or manipulate"
Link [via remaindered links]

Detroit Gets High-Tech Parking Meters

Bravo Detroit... now don't screw this up.

The meters are part of a 90-day experiment with battery and solar-powered, online-operated parking meters.

Some issue receipts that drivers leave on their dashboards to show parking enforcers how much time is left on the +space+. Others can be programmed to accept credit cards or allow someone to pay by cell phone. downtown.
Oh wait, they already are.

"You need a master's degree or something," said Robert Blackwell as he tried to figure out how to use one of the new meters in downtown Detroit. "All I'm trying to do is not get a parking ticket."
Link [via All Headline News - technology News and Headlines]

Islam and Liberalism

A fascinating take on the world's current events. The battle isn't between the US and al-Qaida, it's between the West and the East, Islam and Democratic Liberalism (not the US politcal party).
Al-Qaida, despite its ominous portrayal in the Western press - is no exception. It, too, will succumb, in due time, to the twin lures of power and money. Nihilistic and decentralized as it is - its express goals are the rule of Islam and equitable economic development. It is bound to get its way in some countries.

The world of the future will be truly pluralistic. The proselytizing zeal of Liberal Democracy and Capitalism has rendered them illiberal and intolerant. The West must accept the fact that a sizable chunk of humanity does not regard materialism, individualism, liberalism, progress, and democracy - at least in their Western guises - as universal or desirable.

Live and let live (and live and let die) must replace the West's malignant optimism and intellectual and spiritual a…

HP Gear

Ever wanted that HP sweatshirt? Or how about a floating pen? Yeah, well, here's where you can get it. Reasonable prices, too. I need to look for a Dell site like this.