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NED v POR (was Confirmed)

73rd minute.. this game is a farce. A fist fight almost broke out on the pitch.
Where the hell is FIFA? The ref just carded the POR goaltender while a POR player WAS DOWN IN THE BOX. This is absolutely rediculous.

77th minute... 16 yellow cards.

What the hell? Cocu earned that card, not Deco

(sorry to anyone who actually reads via RSS.. this suddenly became a live blogging)

Holy SAVE by Ricardo!

85: In answer to a question asked by the TV commentators; why would you throw Ruud into a game where yellow is raining down like candy at a parade?

87: Kuyt must be pulled; there is no excuse to have such an inexperienced player in a key spot at this point.
I retract my initial response to the commentators; Ruud should appear..

89: About time Kuyt turned for a shot.

90: That was NED's last, best chance, blown by Kuyt. Normally, not a great attempt like that is awesome to see. In the 90th, down by 1, it's essential. Someone with 21 caps should make that.

90+5: And the cards continue to fly. 16 car…

Worst. Officiating. Ever.

I realize that NED may lose this match, but for both teams let me say this. This is, without a doubt, the most poorly officiated game bar none. There have been 9 yellows and 2 reds and it's not even the 66th minute. The Russian referee Ivanov has completely lost control of the game and is missing key calls in both directions.

That said, the Dutch have lost this game on their own to this point. Ruud is warming up, so here's hoping something happens soon. Kuyt should have been pulled at the 35th minute; van Der Sar  deserves a medal.

Comcast Tech Falls Asleep on Customer's Couch - with video

Can't make this kind of stuff up.
A Comcast technician came to replace a faulty modem. After spending an hour on hold with Comcast's central office, he fell asleep on my couch. I've been in my apartment for three weeks and my internet connection is still non-functional. This is my tribute to Comcast, their low quality technology and their poor customer service.
Link to YouTube video (as WordPress is giving me fits trying to embed the video)


So, we went to Ikea. It is, as they say, quite the place. I'm not saying that I want to redo my entire house in Ikea-provided furniture or anything. But, I did find myself saying far too many times, "that would look good in $ROOM". In fact, I was so taken with some of their furniture, I bought a desk. This one, in fact, with the T-legs. I haven't been so happy with a desk in years, and that's saying something. My taste in desks is so picky, I've burned through no less than 5 desks in the last 6 years.

I will say this about the store: it is designed with impulse buying of medium to high-range items in mind. The physical building is configured in such as way that you can't easily move backward. The influence of movement is forward only, forcing you to work very hard to a) not pick something up (because you know you have to work hard to go back) and b) once you have picked something up, it very difficult to put it back (and there's no where to just 'd…

Whole Foods bans sale of live lobsters, pats self on back

In a bold move that will save the company hundreds of thousands of dollars, placate whiney customers, and provide a huge amount of free advertising, Whole Foods has announced that it will continue to pander to the lowest common denominator and ban the sales of live lobsters in its stores. In a statement released by the company, Whole Foods Vice President for Politically Correct Marketing said, "We feel its inhumane to point out to our customers the far-worse processes and conditions that result in many of our other products. By no longer offering live lobsters for sale in our stores, we can eliminate expensive storage systems and shipping process, as well as free up considerable space for our meat department."

Whole Foods did not announce today that it would ban the sale of any product containing or substantively made of any of the following animals: chickens, cows, sheep or lambs, salmon, scallops, shrimp, mussels, or tuna. Widely regarded as a politically correct place to s…

Hilarious! Scotsmen drive up sales of Mangoes by 47% cheering for England opponents

Tesco, the largest retailer in Great Britain and Wal-Mart front, has seen a 47% increase in the sales of mangoes this past week in the run-up to the England vs Trinidad & Tobago match tomorrow. Apparently the Scots, who aren't the biggest fans of their Southern Lords, are throwing rum-soaked calypso parties to cheer on Trinidad & Tobago. Ah, the World Cup; uniting nations once again.

Why Goalies Hate the New World Cup Soccer Ball

Short and sweet article on the new football used in this year's games. Basically, the ball was designed to frustrate goalies and produce higher-scoring games. It's essentially designed to behave like a baseball; slow the rotation and the stability goes to hell. It's interesting to note that, so far, the games have been scoring in the normal range. Of course, the first game that goes 6-0 will raise some eyebrows.

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ESPNsoccernet - Idiot Web Design

ESPN's site for the World Cup doesn't work in Firefox. The entire site is driven by a DHTML drop-down menus which disappear whenever you move your mouse to choose something. So most of their content is locked away behind a menuing system that (I'm guessing) was designed with only Internet Explorer in mind. I don't have time to debug their site, but I'm assuming it's broken in other browsers as well.
Nice work ESPN, guess I'll head back over to Fox Sports. Their coverage isn't as good, but at they don't lock me out of their content because my browser doesn't work.

ESPNsoccernet - World Cup Index

At least someone said it

Robin van Persie took Arjen Robben to task for the one-man show Robben decided to put on Sunday. Robben, who did have the games only goal, was virtually unaware that other teams members were actually on the field at points, choosing instead to take low-percentage, high-risk shots on goal. The Dutch, long known for solid team and precision play, played Robben's game this past week. Serbia and Montenegro made it a nail biter in the second hald as they took advantage of Robben's new-found solo career but didn't manage to get the equalizer.

Hopefully the coach means it when he says that he means to balance the play. They have Ivory Coast to polish up their play before the Oranje play Argentina on the 21st. Hopefully this isn't the beginning of another bickering Dutch team.
Dutch dissent as Van Persie criticises Robben

House rejects Net neutrality rules

Back to more mundane topics, the House of Representatives today voted against Internet neutrality. Why should you care? Because now your Internet Service Provider (ISP), which is often given a monopoly by your local government, can choose not to deliver certain kinds of content.

Say you have SBC as your ISP. They get into a dispute with eBay over something that SBC doesn't want sold (say a modem that can be modified to allow faster web surfing) and eBay refuses to pull auctions for that modem. SBC can now, legally, give preferential service to an eBay competitor. They can also block access to eBay, if they so choose. Read that again. A phone company can legally block traffic to any site they want.

This will, of course, be sold as a "for the children" measure; your ISP can protect your kids from the evil porn sites. But this law didn't start this way. It started as a pissing match between telephone companies, who missed the boat on providing Internet service, and the b…

Ann Coulter - The Worst You Can Imagine

This is an open question to any of any conservative: How can anyone support someone who says about the widows of people killed on 9/11 "these women got paid, they ought to take their money and shut up about it."

Right. The widows have profited from the deaths of their husbands. I'm sure that whatever money they received more than compensated for losing their husbands. Ann Coulter does one thing well: she hates very, very well. The marketing obviously works because I'm giving her press. But the inconceivable idiocy of this woman has reached a level that makes one's head spin. If you call yourself a Christian, a Conservative, or a Republican and support this tripe, you are just as she is: the worst this society can produce.

Tune in next when Coulter calls for Arabs to wear a patch sown to their clothing. If anyone should shut up, I think we know who that should be.
For a nice breakdown about why Ann is a flaming idiot, read this Crooks and Liars article about Keith Ol…

From the Department of Overreaction; School Pranks Dangerous

Seniors at a Maine high school released 10 goslings and 45 chicks into their school as prank. School administrators freaked out and closed the school. My favorite line?
When students arrived, they were taken to the school gym, which had been sterilized, before being sent home.
Which had been sterilized?! How do you sterilize a gym, exactly? And do it in less then 2 hours, since the first teacher to report the birds came in a 6am, and I'm guessing some enterprising students showed up around 7:15. That's an impressive feat.

I remember senior pranks getting pretty crazy when I was in high school, but never did I hear of the school even considering closing over one of them. The last bit of overreaction? A court date is still being considered.