Hello Comrade, I am from the KG... er RIAA

Of all the things that scare me, this is right up there. The RIAA, defenders of one of the last citadels of whorish consumerism cum virtual monopoly, have taken to the streets with paramilitary elements in order to enforce, uhm, the rights of their artists. *cough*

RIAA adopts paramilitary garb for parking lot bust

Excuse me while I stifle a scream, but even my conservative mind can't wrap itself around this one. No company, no matter what you produce, provide, or support has the right to go around enforcing the law. It's not even implied. If you're a corp with a problem, CALL THE POLICE. Pardon my French, but damn, what does it take for people to stand up and see that this is about more than a few people downloading 50 cent? The RIAA is setting precedent here.

What's next? Comcast can enter your home to make sure you aren't stealing cable? An MPAA representative can randomly stop a movie and make you present your ticket? The cops can pull you over just to make sure you didn't steal the car your driving? Wait, they do that already.

This is way over the line. If I wasn't already boycotting all the RIAA companies, I'd start boycotting the RIAA companies.

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