So, we've been thinking about a pet for while.

After breakfast this morning, our usual routine of tea and TV took its usual turn: to Animal Planet. Every Saturday at 9am, they show "Breed All About It". Why do I know this? You know why... every Saturday at 9am, it's on my TV.

And the debate begins again; Cat or dog? What kind of dog? Do we get one now, or wait until we get a house? Will it matter? You see the pattern.

I think we've basically come down to the decision that it's cat for this apartment. Any dog that would be small enough for this place would either a) not be a "dog", but instead some rat-related canine or b) uglier than sin (we're talking Pugs here; sorry Marc and Jackie).

So, now that we're both semi-conscious, we're off to the pound to see what they have.

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