Bloggers Steal Ideas

I couldn't resist doing this....

From Slashdot:
Wired has up a story about HP, as part of a larger drive to figure out how ideas ideas (sic) 'infect' large groups of people, scientifically proving what most people already knew: bloggers steal their ideas from other bloggers.

The article links to the HP Blog Epidemic Analyzer (I swear that's what they called it).

From the Wired article:
...the researchers have discovered that authors of popular blog sites regularly borrow topics from lesser-known bloggers -- and they often do so without attribution.

So, my posting of this "meme" (or whatever they call it now) is officially a contributory element in an epidemic of blog posts. Does this make me part of the problem, because all of my links are attributed. I'm also reversing the trend by being an almost-non-existent blog linking to huge blogs.

At some really geeky level, it's really funny. Well, to me anyway.

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