Home again

We're finally home from Baltimore... friggen 12 hours straight to get home. We hated it that much.

I remember being in Boston, SoPo, Maine, and Vermont and having a really good time. Maryland (well, to be fair, I should only say Baltimore), you suck. Sorry. I've never been in a place that so segregated the tourists from the rest of the (very scary) city. When you get a book from AAA and it says "Don't go to this place alone or after dark", that's bad. When it's true, that's even worse.

The good parts... Kooper's pub. Very cool place. Inner Harbor?; sure, why not, but it's like the size of Grand Rapids. Not exactly what we were hoping for.

Phillip's Restaurant was awesome (well, the buffet was, we couldn't get into the real restaurant).

The National Aquarium was cool, but we spent more time watching the rays than anything. Maybe we just weren't in the mood, but I thought the dolphin show was so-so... like I said, may have just been the day.

The bad parts... heh, where to start? Wyndham Inner Harbor is an awful hotel. Awful. I expected so much better from a hotel chain with Wyndham's reputation. The only thing that remotely saved the stay was Kelli at the front desk; she went out of her way to make up for the crap they gave her to work with.

Shula's 2 (the bar, not the steakhouse) was disappointing. $10 nachos do not come with nacho cheese product on top.. Use real cheese for goddess sake... It's not like you're not making the money back by keeping me drinking.

But, the sum total was not good. We won't be back to Baltimore if we can help it. I'd still like to do the D.C. thing, but I'm in no hurry. Next trip, it's Maine.

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