I'm listening to... Chumbawamba?

Trust me, I'm as surprised as the next person. After getting linked to The Suburbs Are Killing Us (likely via The Mystical Beast), I wound up on Chumbawamba's web site. They have a ton of music available for download (around 35 songs) and, listen to this, it doesn't suck. If you were burned out on Tubthumping, I completely understand (it wasn't that bad of a song, really). But, as many people say, Chumbawamba is a great pub band and actually have something to say.

Be sure to at least get the MP3 Mix of Pass It Along, We Don't Go to God's House Anymore, and Get Off My Cloud.

Aw, hell, since the song literally begs to be shared, I'll post Pass It Along (the F U Metallica version).

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