Saying what things really are

Someone I know has a habit of making up words when the real word to describe a thing is lost in the rush to get it out (much like this sentence). The list that follows are just some of the gems that will eventually lead to a (hopefully) lucrative book deal

  • Pokery (adj.) - 1. Sharp 2. Able to poke.

  • Chocolate Mouth (regional slang) - 1. Sweet Tooth

  • Turning Place (locational term) - 1. An intersection or corner

  • Underneathness (locational term) - 1. The position from which things waft (with a long "a", no less).

  • Pee Hole (locational term) - 1. The fly on pants (surprisingly, this was never a biological term).

  • Scrumbly (adj.) - 1. Rough, as in unshaven. 2. Scruffy, plus stubbly.

To this person, sorry, I had to put this somewhere or the paper I had noted these on would get lost. You, for now, remain anonymous.

Update: Had to add "scrumbly"

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