Damn it, NHL, don't do this

Is this the future of sports?

National Hockey League team owners are now seriously considering forming a new league.

Don't negotiate and it's "The NHL is dead; long live the NHL"? I have no doubt they can do this, I just have serious doubts about the effects. I certainly, as a fan, would have some major quibbles about an ownership move to destroy a league simply over negotiations. Lock-outs are one thing, but damn guys, shutting down the league? May I refer you to IRL?

Of course, the players aren't exactly winning a lot points with me either. Come on, how much do you need? I'd feel really bad if Yzerman couldn't buy yet another house somewhere that I'll never be able to afford to visit. Yep, cry a river I would.

If nothing else, this is a move to pad the fans for a protracted, dirty, and immature lock-out/walk-out. Reading stuff like this only cements the end of the coming season.

One note to the NHL; I still don't watch or pay attention to MLB after their stunning display of concern for the game in the 90s. Just something to consider.


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