Gaming is dead. Long live gaming?

Interesting perspective on gaming in general. I don't know if the anecdotal evidence is as solid as I would like, bu the theotry is something that intrigues.

Personally, I can see some rationla in the theory put forth here. I myself have become pretty disenfrachised with the gaming world, although I ofiten chalked that up to a falling out I had with a solid team (to be fair, it was with one particular meglomaniac, but...)

Of course, in five years what will gaming look like. With the coming advances in computing, (2) gaming would be the obvious choice to capitilize on the new-found tech that will burst on the scene. Imagine what you could play on your 80 GHZ, 5 G RAM, 1 Terrabyte desktop PC in a few years. Kind of makes DOOM 3 seem like, well, DOOM.

Link [Props to my better half]

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