Can we be done now?

Hate is a powerful thing. It turns normally dull people in raging maniacs, rational people into lunatics, and intelligent people into idiots. Take William Gibson and the words he chooses to express that which he cannot (or will not).

To wit:

"...I think we're getting a pretty good idea of what Trotsky felt, looking at Stalin." -Jack Womack


and, as a sweeping generalisation, I suspect more of those Americans with whom the rest of [the world] come into contact, either because they're online or because they travel, are likely to have voted against Bush, because they are the ones who know what is going on in the world."

That's right, friends. Not only is Bush like Stalin (you know, the guy who killed 8-20 million of his own people), but if you're not online or traveling, you're not worthy.

You know, I was this close to voting for someone other than Bush, because it felt right somehow. But when (supposedly) intelligent people make statements that imply that I am not intelligent enough to recognize a new Stalin or (the Lefts favorite) Hitler, and neither are my countrymen simply because they didn't read enough Womack (or Gibson), I think my mind is made up for me.

Thank you William Gibson. Oh, and you are officially an irrelevant ass.

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