Just... wow

You know, I get that people don't like Bush. Hell, I can't believe the guy supports the PATRIOT act myself. But damn, Ted Rall, you need some good drugs because you are way too pissed off for your own good.

Yes my reader(s?), welcome to the seething undercurrent of militant socialism. Mr. Rall uses every marginal device from the left to punch home this wonderful monument to fearmongering. Oh yeah, it's all here: Bush is Hitler, the 2000 election was stolen, politicized 9/11, and not getting the real terrorists. He even throws in some real issues (such as the probable election of a couple SCOTUS justices), just to keep you off his trail.

So, I salute you Mr. Rall. If the guys on Crossfire are partisan hacks, you sir are a full-on puppet.



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