Operation Clark County

This is asinine. The Guardian, a United Kingdom (that England, y'all) newspaper has the roster of 85,000 registered voters in Clark County, Ohio. You go to the linked page, enter your email (supposedly, you're an concerned English person) and you get the name and address of a voter in that county.

You're then supposed to write to this person and encourage them to vote for who you, as a concerned world citizen, would vote for.

For those who don't read the Guardian on a regular basis, they are a fairly liberal news paper, who pride themselves on going that extra step. Usually that means corssing into non-objective reporting, something our domestic news sources jumped the shark on a long time ago.

Predictably, reaction has been less than positive.

I really hope this backfires; I don't think we get much say in the British PM, do we? Limey bastards, indeed.

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