Why we'll never have peace

Statements like this are why the world will never be peaceful until one religion wins in totality. Remember, this statement was made on 17 Oct 2004

"Sir, why do the government clerics ignore the killing of the prisoners during the time of the Prophet? 600-700 prisoners were killed in the raid on the Qurayza tribe.

"Why do they conceal this? Why do they hide the fact that the Prophet gave the order to assassinate some poets - to assassinate! Not in military operations, but rather by individual assassination.

"Why did he order the assassination of K'ab Ibn Ashraf, the Jew, leader of Khaybar ? And then he ordered the assassination of the leader who successive him. As a result, the Jews became fearful and terrified."

The Prophet here is Mohammed, as in The Mohammed, who apparently assasinated a lot of people at what is called by some the Qurayza Massacre. This happened thousands of years ago and we're basing terrorist policy on this event.

Some modern Muslims have apparently interpretted this event as carte blanche to kill in retribution for those that have wronged God. You see the huge loop-hole for modern terrorists in what suddently can be interpretted as "wronging God". The power of clerics grows pretty quick in this situation.

So, why no peace? Because policy on both sides is being dictated by 2,000 year old events. And don't think that a Kerry White House will suddenly bring a sense of logic to any of this. How do you convert a fanatic? You don't; that's the problem.

This is a concept so foreign to American's (and many Europeans) it doesn't even register the first couple times you realize it; Islamic countries don't just base law on religion, religion IS law. Islam is Jerry Falwell's wet dream, a complete Theocracy.

You can't co-exist with fundamentalists; they don't believe in co-existance. You must convert or be eliminated. That's the whole point of fundamentalism; total and complete involvement.

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