Avoir MP Parrish!

Canadian MP Carolyn "I hate Americans" Parrish has been dismissed from the Liberal party by PM Paul Martin (who is also leader of that party). Why? Good question.

On "This Hour has 22 Minutes", MP Parrish stomped on a President Bush doll. Oh, it should be mentioned that this filmed as Bush was announcing he was coming to Ottawa. (It's unclear if a TV broadcast was in the background as Parrish did the jig, or if the show spliced it together later).

This isn't really that bad. The problem is, Parrish can't seem to keep her mouth shut in front of cameras or reports when someone mentions the good ole' USA. It's like Cartman and Styx; she just has to bad mouth Americans. Good thing to do to a big trading partner. Smart for the economy and all that.

So, c'est la vie. Avoir, see yah around, toodles MP Parrish. I'm sure you'll be fun to watch as an Independant.

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