Poor Dan Gilmor

Dan Gilmor, author, Journalist (that with a capital J, mind you), and Blogger (also with a capital) has a problem. Actually he has many problems, but this particular one is a commenter he's acquired in recent months, a troll. Granted, a troll of the worst kind, but a troll none-the-less.

The troll has become somewhat of a problem for Dan because, as trolls are known to do, this one has mired up many a comments section of Dan's less-than-technology angled posts. See, Dan likes to trade his popularity for the Left, spinning any incident of marginal importance as the Tea Party du jour. His troll enjoys spewing idiocy for the Right. To me, this seems like a pretty fair balance in the Commons that Dan has so dilligently put forth as the New Media. You know, the one where everyone has a voice.

Oh, unless you disagree with Dan. Then he'll threaten you with a new *shiver* Comments Policy. That's right, if Dan doesn't get his way, he's taking his ball and going home, closing comments on any future political posts. Of course, a troll is better than that and will comment of political stories in the comments of other posts, so the likely outcome would be no comments anywhere on Dan's website.

Pity, he almost got it.

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