Free Anti-Virus Software

I've been using Avast as my primary anti-virus application for a number of years now with great results. However, in the last couple of months, Avast has upgraded the application (a common occurance), but broken something. My system is slower and, when I had the Network scanner turned on, noticably lowered my connection speed.

So, I've gone looking for a new, free, AV program, trying things out before I shell out for McAfee or Trend Micro (screw you Symantec and you're resource-hogging applications). First up, AVG.


  1. i am using avg antivirus, but for several months it is being noticed virus such as folder.htt and desktop.ini is disturbin my pc. these viruses creats false folder and increases TMP files, there by making the pc slower and slower. may i know what kind of antivirus can handle such viruses??

  2. I think AVG anti-virus is the best decision for free home PC protection. I also use some anti-virus stuff from
    There is a lot of stuff to correct some individual problems with your PC and other devices anti-virus security.


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