Shutdown GPS; stupidest idea yet

I'm a conservative, that's no secret. I support this administration when I can. I have issues with a few things they're doing, but Ashcroft is out, so that's one huge thing off my list.

Until today. This has got to be the stupidest thing I've ever heard. In the event of a terrorist attack, the government could shut down the GPS system.

First of all, why? Is the huge barrier to sucessfully carrying out a terrorist attack knowing how to get out of somewhere? I'm pretty sure they were doing this long before Garmin had a handheld unit. Not to mention, the event that would trigger a shut down of the system is the very event the shut down is meant to prevent. You see the logical black hole created with that last sentence? Yeah, that's where this idea emerged from. Hopefully, it looks around, sees the idiot telling people (with a straight face) about possible implmentation scenarios, and then heads right back into that logic hole.


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