Why I Voted Against the Gay Marriage Ammendment

My friend John Auchter is one of the most intelligent (and by the number of "discussions" we've had, most patient) people I know. John is also really freakin' good at putting those wonderful ideas of his into comics. His latest comic is one such example. To writ:

Now I will say this: Hopefully, in these few weeks between election seasons, we can talk about this in a less emotional way. I think those who would like to see gay marriage legalized have to respect and acknowledge people's religious feelings on the subject. Nobody likes to have something they find distasteful shoved in their face.

For instance, I don't ever want to have to see a Cirque du Soleil show. I don't want to ever vacation in Branson, Missouri. And I don't ever want to tour a veal farm. I have no firsthand knowledge of these things, but the mere thought of them makes me queasy. Perhaps if I were a more free-thinking person I could. But in these cases, I wear the badge of closed-minded prejudice with pride. So, yeah, I understand how being forced to discuss homosexuality could be unpleasant for some. Hold that thought.

And he hits on nail on the proverbial head. Majority isn't always right. Just look at Branson, Missouri.

Personally, I voted against the gay marriage amendment because I don't think it's government's place to tell me what and what is not moral. That's a slippery slope no one should ignore. But, John is a lot funnier about it, so go read his comic and the commentary (you're not allowed to skip the commentary) right now.


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