A little bit of Florida comes to Grand Rapids, unfortunately

You always know it's going to be bad when Fark picks up a story from the Grand Rapids Press.
Kidnap suspects, victim all land in jail

Ah yes.

A kidnapping and beating were bad enough for a 20-year-old Grand Rapids man, who Sunday night was eating at McDonald's with his girlfriend when three captors took him away.

Next came the ransom demand -- a paltry $800.

Five hours later, the victim was rescued by police -- and then thrown in jail along with his kidnappers. He had an outstanding charge, police said.

Here's a shocker; police "believe" it was drug related.

Fark has a "Florida" tag for weird stories like this that come out of The Sunshine State. It's already been proposed in the forums that Michgian get one as well. Articles like this aren't helping prevent that tag from appearing. *sigh*


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