Inside the Monkeysphere

I'm not sure how to file this one; either it's brilliant or bonkers. Either way, it's an enjoyable read and something where you occasionally catch yourself going "hmmm". Of course, then you look behind you to make sure no one in your office sees you on a web page with pictures of monkeys, but that shouldn't distract from the message.

Later, a far more cynical man sat the monkeys down and said, "you want bananas? Each of you go get your own. I'm taking a nap." That man, of course, was German philosopher Hans Capitalism.

As long as everybody gets their own bananas and shares with the few in their Monkeysphere, the system will thrive even though nobody is even trying to make the system thrive. This is perhaps how Ayn Rand would have put it, had she not been such a hateful bitch.


The Law of Monkey

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