Nothing like being a jackhole - Wiley cuts into web comics

In my constant surprise that there are people who not only don't get it, but openly and adamently opposed those who do get it, I have yet to see the old and new clash in full view of the public, and not just the blogosphere.

Case in point, Wiley, the guy who writes Non Sequitur, one of those comics you used to read but don't anymore because the characters long ago ceased being actual characters and started being mouthpieces for the artist. (Yes, I had that attitude before the events to-be-commented-upon.)

In short, Wiley doesn't like web comics, specifically PvP, which I mentioned before. He doesn't like the fact that Scott Kurtz is giving away his product for advertising revenue. And now he's taking public pot shots at Scott and web comics in general in his strip.

Penny Arcade has a great rebuttal. Warning: They like to swear, but they make a great point.

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