Stop the bulldozers! Don't destroy Frieze!

I really don't care if the U builds a dorm at the Frieze site, but this letter to the editor in the Ann Arbor News is just too funny to pass up. After making three reasonable arguments, mostly surrounding the historical nature of the building, Susan Wineberg blows us away with that crescendo point number 4.

It's not something tangible, it's something so emotional that only... "Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter Ani DiFranco" can tell us what it means.

A fourth reason is the emotional impact on the community. Many graduates have a visceral attachment to this building and demolishing it destroys memories and our link to the past, which Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter Ani DiFranco notes "reinforce our humanity."

There must be a ton of graduates who have lost their memories because the University has probably demolished more than it's share of buildings in the 188 years it's been around. Maybe students should have visceral attachments to something besides the buildings.

It's not like they need a new dorm. Oh, wait...


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