Thunderbird to Outlook

I've been using Thunderbird for a while, but I'm seriously considering moving back to Outlook. Calendering, while not big, is becoming bigger. I have my planner, but it's got one huge downfall: I actually have to read it. Outlook will actively tell me "you're missing something".

Plus, I now have a license for Office 2003 (legally, believe it or not; perks of working for the University) and it's possible to go back Outlook. Yes, yes, I know, Evil Empire, Neo-Commies and all that, but the damn application works like I want it to (well, almost. When can I display my tasks along with my Inbox?)

Anyway, this post details one persons attempt to get his mail from Thunderbird to Outlook and I'm linking so I don't loose the resource. Just in case.

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