And the "Asinine" tag for the day goes to...

...well, we don't know for sure. Get this:

A state agency is investigating whether workplace safety regulations were violated when three Washtenaw County Sheriff's deputies rushed into a burning apartment building last fall and pulled residents to safety.


Sheriff Daniel Minzey said he was shocked to learn that someone had filed an anonymous complaint with the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration [ed. MIOSHA] after his three deputies received two awards for efforts labeled as heroic and life-saving.

That's right everyone; save two lives, get an AWARD, get investigated. Who could have done this? The state isn't saying, but the Sheriff Commander has an idea.

Sheriff's Cmdr. Dave Egeler said he has strong reason to believe the complaint was filed by someone associated with the Ypsilanti Township Fire Department. A captain and union official at the Fire Department denied it was anyone within that department.

Well, isn't that an interesting association of ideas. Unions aren't known for their protectionist agendas. Oops, sorry, forgot to put the <sarcasm> tags on there.

I really do hope it's not the union, because that's not just dirty pool, it's downright childish. I will, however, be surprised if it was someone else.

It does raise an interesting point. Is MIOSHA not required to record who made the complaint, or is this just an anonymous report in terms of what they can tell the media? Because if they aren't required to temper a report with the party reporting it, doesn't that seem, oh, I don't know, like a huge hole? I for one would like to see some transparency in this process.

Heroism may cost the county

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