Deathwatch - MSC Software (MNS)

MSC Software, a local software company that makes virtual product development software, is about to lose it. As of March 11, they will be delisted from the NYSE. While this isn't officially an indication of the value or prospects of a company, it does bring into play some very interesting forces.

Most of the company's stock (95%) is held by institutions: mutual funds, collective investment portfolios, that kind of thing. Many, if not all, of these types of funds have clauses that require the stocks of which they are comprised be publically traded on either NYSE or NASDAQ. Normally, they're not allowed to trade pink sheets.

Which is what MSC Software becomes in less than a month. Anyone who owns MSC stock or works there, read that part above one more time. That stock is going to be required to sell by a lot of people very, very soon.

You can draw your own conclusions.

Yahoo! MNS page

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