Election Reform - Part 1

The cynic in me says that this legislation will never pass. This time. But it's a great start and some really good ideas.

Keep in mind that I said that as I tell you the proposal and who proposed it.

Some good news on electoral reform: Today Senators Barbara Boxer, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, working together with Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, D-Ohio, introduced the Count Every Vote Act, a bill that proposes several necessary improvements to the way Americans conduct democracy. Among other things, the legislation would require that all electronic voting machines print paper ballots; that ex-felons be allowed to vote; and that Election Day be made a federal holiday, so people don't have to worry about the consequences of being away from work while waiting in a line at the polls. The law, Boxer said in a press conference, "is meant to ensure [that] the election debacle of 2000, and the serious election irregularities of 2004, never ever happen again."

Aside from the partisan BS that Boxer is unable to not vocalize (seriously, Democrats, tone down the hate and I'll vote for you!), these are really good ideas and needed reforms. The paper labels (aka:. receipts) are an awesome idea. Someone in one of those three offices has a subscription to Wired.

Oh, and I can't let this go. It's petty and cheap, but, honestly, if you're a Senator, don't use the phrase "never ever". All I hear is cheesy British melodrama.

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