Flamewar on... Amazon?

I know authors pump and dump books on Amazon all the time with literati dick-waving, but I had no idea the fanboys were in effect as well. (Never thought I'd write a sentence with literati, dick-waving, and fanboys all in one sentence, did yah?)

Apparently, all you need to breed such humorous banter as this is a Pixie's tribute album.

i'm sure that weezer is really upset that they didn't get as many stars on the rollingstone website that the pixies did, i mean when they count their money all the way to the bank, im sure they really regret not kissing rollingstone's ass.

Yeee haw! Sales are the true measure of a band, mate! Nevermind that the Pixie's are generally considered a pretty solid band (one which could quite possibly take credit for thinning the emo ranks now and then, as well).

I’ve never heard the album, but I suspect the reviews on Amazon are more entertaining anyway. Read through more of them on the extended reviews... great stuff.

Sidenote: Someone at Weezer's fan club must have pointed to this, because they are way over-represented here.

Amazon.com: Music: Where Is My Mind: A Tribute to the Pixies

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