MSC Gets a New CEO

Just a follow-up on the last post. I need to stop following old employers, especially one I was at for only five months, but MSC's current CEO is going to "retire", and be replaced by someone who was appointed to the Board by the company that had previously been trying to take the company private. (It makes sense if you read slowly, I swear.)

I'm curious how this will affect everything. Changes at the top can often be symbolic. VA Partners, the previously threatening company, has a habit of turning companies around, though. They did a bang-up job for Martha Stewart Living. And VCs, if nothing else, hate to lose money. Wonder if this is the beginning of the slow climb for MSC?

Either way, MSC has a new CEO, which they desperately needed. Frank's business aside, listening to him give a presentation was horrible. Any executive who can't get through a sentence without saying "uhm" is not the executive you want as the face of your comapany.


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