Shoe on the Other Foot Dept reports - Flash mobs are for lefties only

I find this hilarious for some reason. I shouldn't because the sum of the equation is an FCC that destroys good television and radio, but the method is too juicy to resist. David Galbraith doesn't like that the FCC is getting spammed by "organized religious activists" in "flashmob fashion". Which is completely accurate. These activists are doing just that. In fact, I would think Mr. Galbraith would appreciate these efforts because technology has enabled people to accomplish their life goals. I'll go one further and suggest Mr. Galbraith would change his tune completely if they were "orgnized activists" instead of "organized religious activists".

It's funny how the right and left share so many common traits, they just don't realize it. Technology, like it or not, is a politically-neutral enabler. A <FORM> tag couldn't care less whether you're trying to suppress nipples everywhere or posting, well, a screed against those trying to suppress nipples anywhere. Use the tools given to you to accompish your goals and stop being a whiner, Mr. Galbraith; you're smarter than that.


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