Ari Rang

I know I promised unpronounceable words next time I did a restaurant review, but I have to rave about a new place. We went to Ari Rang on Ann Arbor-Saline Rd near Godaiko and Outback. Wow. What a great lunch.

Since it was lunch (and we're not restaurant reviewers) we both ordered Bee Bim Bop in stone bowls. All the sides that came with it were awesome; spicy radish and cabbage, fish cakes, thinly sliced squid, zucchini in a light sauce. The Bee Bim Bop lunch portion was just right for both of us. The ingredients were fresh, the smell was making us hungry before the dish hit the table, and the sauce on the side was, for us, perfect: spicy enough for me and cool enough for J-- to use it twice, no small feat.

We didn't get any appetizers, but we're definitely going back. This is the first Korean place that we liked in a long time. They're still working out some newly-opened-restaurant issues (they got slammed and forgot our bill at the end), but the woman that rang us up said they opened two days ago, so I'll give them a pass. I know places in town that have been around for years that can't get that right.

Go check this place out; it's simple, really good Korean food at reasonable prices (lunch was about $8 for a bowl of Bee Bim Bop).

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