Finally, an instant lunch that doesn't suck

Yes, eating instant lunches is Teh Bad, but every once in a while, something warm and delicious is needed at work. If that dish can be had in under 5 minutes, all the better. It's not like I get to eat lunch with regularity most of the time.

Enter Thai Kitchen Spring Onion Rice Noodle Bowl [ed. scroll to the bottom] (hat tip to Trader Joe's, which I think is where I bought this). This $2 bowl of pep-me-up is gluten free, egg free, and actually made in Thailand (which, obviously, doesn't add a wit to the authenticity, but...).

And the nutriotion info ain't half bad, for an instant meal. Aside from 627mg of sodium, the rest is pretty non-contributory to the ole dietary chart (well, 25g of carbs for those still punishing themselves with one of those diets).

Between these little dishes and my penchant for spicey Thai, sushi, and udon, I swear I must have lived a previous life closer to Asia.

God, I have just brought myself down so many pegs in the food-snob scale. My next Food post will have to be about some dish with an unpronounceable ingredient.

1 comment:

  1. Yep, got that at Trader Joe's for $1.19 a couple weeks ago. Guess we'll have to make another trip :)


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