Terri Schiavo

J-- and I had a discussion about her case last night, and I have to admit that I was wrong about how the case had come to the idiotic point at which it now resides.

I did a little reading (very little) and found Abstract Appeal, a blog that is covering the case in minute detail, while trying to remain impartial (as the Congress should be doing). The author, Matt Conigliaro, details all the events in the case and the path that led the public here. It's interesting reading and fairly devoid of him choosing "a side". The only side, as he alludes to many times, is what Terri would want.

Personally, I think that the law should win here. Terri's husband did what the law allowed him to do, and has been thwarted by his well-meaning but completely misguided parents. Many, many doctors, judges, and observers agree that Terri is not coming back, no matter what her parents want to believe. Scans and tests do not lie.

It's sad that this has become a name calling endeavor, with each side trying to demonize the other in an effort to garner support. I hope that whatever Terri wanted gets done, even thought we'll never know if that happened.

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