Ann Arbor Greenway - As Bad as Arctic National Wildlife refuge Drilling

If I ever meet the author of AAiOR, I so need to buy him/her a beer/wine/stiff drink, mainly for making me laugh my ass off at the absurdity of this town. The term "overrated" barely scratches the surface of this pompous, over-marketed, elitist town. Too bad they have one of the best employers around (despite what GEO thinks).

Take today's post today over at AAiOR:

So if you're keeping track, the DDA's plan for a parking lot at First and William is marginally less bad than a putting a landfill or a war zone there, and about the same as an oil drilling operation. No word on how it would compare to a nuclear waste dump or a bioweapons facility.

See other posts at AAiOR about the Greenway/DDA dispute

ann arbor is overrated: a weblog: More Overheated Greenway Rhetoric


  1. ann arbor is overratedApril 6, 2005 at 1:33 PM

    thanks! And belated props for your Ani DiFranco Frieze entry, which was hilarious.

  2. Thanks a lot... I love your site and appreciate the community you have going over there at AAiOR. I attempt to inject myself, but you have way too many passionate and involved people; it's more fun to watch than participate.

    I'm serious about that beer/wine/drink of choice thing, too.

  3. ann arbor is overratedApril 7, 2005 at 6:49 PM

    We could always use more participants. I think it's more fun to watch too, though.

    Just send me e-mail if you want to get a drink sometime.


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