Mark Cuban gets it

The countdown for the extinction of CDs is about to begin

MP3 players are changing peoples listening habits. We dont carry folders filled with CDs anymore. We carry our library in our MP3 players. We dont listen to CDs. We listen to playlists that we adjust all the time. We dont burn CDs anymore, its too time consuming. We copy all our music to our MP3 players so its all available at our fingertips.
All of our music in a single device. Available to us where ever we are, for whenever we want it. Music how we want it, when we want it. Easy and breezy. Thats how we want to consume music.
Thats not how we are being sold music.


There is absolutely no reason I shouldnt have been able to buy the song or CD i wanted from the FYE record store I was standing in side of , IPod in hand, ready to buy. If only I could just connect the thing and download the songs.


The only question is who will be the first label to crack and offer this and how soon will it be. Of course the cynics will say that this wont ever happen, but Im not buying it. Its too much cash up front for the labels to say no to. It also makes too much business sense.

Mark, you're just cool enough to make another billion with this idea. Screw the labels; screw the consortiums. Do it, man. We'll beat a path to your door.

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