Roger's Dept Store Closing in Grand Rapids

In the latest hit to the West Michigan area, the most recognizable name in business (aside from Amway/Van Andel) is closing up shop. Roger's department store announced today that, after over 50 years in the same location, they are closing down.

Roger's is one of those places that servers a community touch point. It's target client was mid- to high-end on the clothing scale, but they always had customers from just below. The Roger's annual sidewalk sale was practically an city event at one point. Thousands of people would decend on the store trying to get a piece of the good life for cheap.

The sadder aspect of this closing is the loss of the businesses influence in the community. Roger's was the corporate face of a lot of activities for a lot of years. It's departure probably leaves a lot of charities, funds, and causes without corporate sponsorship in a business climate that hasn't been healthy in a long time.

It's a sad day in Grand Rapids.


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