Spreading the mojo or why I love startups

Ok, this post is a little of me bragging, which I'm a little worried about doing. But, I have a greater point, so you'll have to bear with the bragging.

<bragging>I got a phone call today from someone at MadCap software</bragging> Now that that's out of the way, I can get on with the point. This person just wanted to talk. I'm not some super-elite figure in any field. I talked about their product and they wanted to follow up on that.

Excuse me while I put my professional hat on my knee for a second.

That is so off-the-wall, freakin' cool, it makes you jealous for the people that work there. How many employers have you worked for that would allow, much less encourage, you to call someone who just randomly talked about your product on their website? I know I haven't worked for one. In fact, I worked for a company that, if I called a customer without a salesman, a marketing guy, and someone from legal in the room--well, I'd have been out on my butt.

I have this feeling that if you could graph "amount of communication with customers" against "size of company", it would look like a foreslash ("\"). That's really a shame because customers are constantly trying to communicate with the companies from which they buy products. When you hear stories of website email forms that are just ignored, it makes you shake your head.

I'm going to sound like Scoble here, but MadCap, start a blog. I know corporate blogging is touchy, but maybe Mike Hamilton or some people from the development team could blog and open the discussion up to the whole community. We're blogging about you; seems only fair that you get to talk back.

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