Starbucks Delocator

Support your independent coffee house (or a second, not-as-large chain).

Or, just Googlebomb this site with
Starbuck's Delocator. Why? From BoingBoing:
"'The Delocator' is a site that helps you find independent alternatives to Starbucks in your neighborhood. So why isn't it called the 'Starbucks Delocator'? Because the San Francisco Art Institute was too scared that Starbucks would come through with the corporate smack-down. Of course this renaming means the site won't show up in google when people search for 'Starbucks', and what's the point if people can't discover it?

Or, it's a complete fake used to send people to Starbuck's because there are no "other" options. (It also serves Starbucks locations, which I don't quite understand; cynacism rising.) I added Sweetwater's to the list. Comon A2, where are the other ones?

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