Why do people hate Robert Scoble?

I have a news reader (duh) and with that comes about 500 feeds. I've never counted them, but that seems like a reasonable number. One of them happens to be Robert Scoble, who works for Microsoft. His title is something like Evangelist or something like that (I'm too lazy to look it up), but he's basically a technology-enabled brand-builder for MS. He's a marketer who gets the web. He's a salesmen with the soft sell for geeks (well, geeks who aren't rabid MS haters). In short, he's someone who works for a company and promotes that company. Evil, right?

He also has a (wildly popular) blog. People can subscribe to this blog. People can not subscribe to this blog. What amazes me is that people think it's necessary to broadcast that they are now no longer subscribing to his blog. BIG NEWS TYPEFACE INITIATED.

First, nice little traffic booster. Second, who gives a flying.... uhm, fark? You know what, I don't subscribe to Scripting News. You know why? It's none of your damn business! If you want traffic, do it like the rest of us; suck up to A-list bloggers.

Oh, wait...


[Via Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger]

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