And the award for best rant of the week goes to...

... Orson Scott Card. Just to set this up properly, Card (if you don't know), is an excellent, award-winning writer. He is also a devout Mormon and has never been ashamed of sticking up for what is usually the butt of jokes other Christian sects make amoungst themselves (*hand up* guilty).

That said--wow. This is a rant, but only as Card could write it. I'll hit the points, but these leave out way too much of his essay.

  1. The courts have given the news media carte blanche, in the name of the First Amendment -- but the media are no better than government at exercising unchecked power (emphasis his)

  2. Too many people in the "American" media have lost any concept of loyalty to their country.

  3. I mean, what kind of idiot breaks a hole in the hull of his boat during a storm, just because he doesn't like the guy at the tiller and thinks the storm could have been avoided?

  4. Muslims in Muslim countries can dish it out, but they can't take it.

  5. Seeing Kingdom of Heaven this week, I was sharply reminded of the fact that Islam has produced great leaders who accomplished great things. (So where are they now?)

  6. A house divided against itself cannot stand. (The West stands on the brink of collapse from within.)

Flame on, brother. I'd hate to be the poor sap who's got your mail server in his care.

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  1. did you read his recent essay on the "nuclear option?" it was precious.


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