Just so I have this straight

When CNN et al read blogs on the air, they're jumping on the bandwagon, airing the thoughts of people who took more time then did the news channels to make thoughtful posts about newsworthy topics. (See the much lauded Daily Show segment, thanks to Lisa Rein.)

But, when Adam Curry does the same thing with podcasters' content, he's spreading the word about podcasting. They're even calling him the podfather? Please. I gave up on podcasts because it misses the entire point of aggregating content... it doesn't scale. I can't listen to more than two or three podcasts in a day--no matter how many feeds I stick in iPodder--because I can't extend the time I have in a day to timeshift in content. Are there great podcasts? Sure, just as there are great internet radio stations. But I can't listen to all of them either.

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