Kwame and Krispy Kreme

I am SO glad I didn't take a job in Detroit. Kilpatrick, no stranger to the dumber side of politics, has decided to ask voters to approve a 2% tax on "fast food". You might say, "Good! And about time. Detroit is too fat" and you'd be right... if the money was going to help solve that problem. But it's not. It's going straight into the city coffers in an effort to prop up the free-falling budget.

Yep, Kwame's big plan is to tax, well, he doesn't know where to draw the line.

But what about American Coney Island, a downtown establishment that has table service despite its simple and speedy fare? What about Starbucks or the corner deli? The administration says it is still working on a definition.

Oh good.. So that will depend entirely on how greedy the city decides to be. Because it's way to hard for someone to drive outside the city limits for McDonald's.

This idea is so idiotic, it boggles the mind. Not only are there no criteria defined for the tax, but it targets a tax base that is so swamped already, even an insignificant charge on lunch is going to provoke a reaction. And considering the way Kwame Arch... er.. Kilpatrick is enjoying the perks, the average Detroiter won't be willing to give another nickel, figuratively or literally.

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