Tech roundup

Posting has been light, for that I apologize. Between work and the house thing, it's been crazy.

Apparently people are starting to figure out that Google is a company and not some benevolent lord of the manor/Web. (Read this article for a brilliant flame.) Their Web Accelerator (a term scoffed at when offered by the likes of AOL) is set to wreak havoc with webapps and shared machines, "clicking" all links on a page and leaving previous users logged in.

The FCC got bitch-slapped by a US Appeals Court, striking down the Broadcast Flag requirement for digital broadcasts. Next up, Congressionally-mandated, Constitution-ignoring powers for the FCC.

And, while not really technology news, can someone suggest a Windows alternative to the Automator program in OS X? A co-worker just got a new G4 (I think) and, while bubbly and new, the only thing I envy is this little app.

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