Guilty pleasure moment

My musical tastes are kind of odd. I've been working through about 6 gigs of SXSW music off and on for a while, but I'm firmly rooted in a lot of corporate rock. Having spent a lot of time with ex-pat Brits/Scots in college, I became completely addicted to Oasis. Now that your revulsion has passed, remember that Oasis was pretty damn popular way back when, then hit the States, then became over-rated, all in the span of about a week. "Cigarettes & Alcohol" still hits the occasional jukebox, even if this stuck-up town.

That said, one of my guilty pleasures is listening to Oasis. They're one of the few bands I have the vocal range to hit and, sometimes, they get it right. My current favorite on their latest album is "Keep The Dream Alive". Lyrics like this still get me for some reason.

I'm at the crossroads waiting for a sign
My life is standing still but I’m still alive
Every night I think I know
in the morning where did it go
The answers disappear when I open my eyes

I’m no stranger to this place
Where real life and dreams collide
and even though I fall from grace
I will keep the dream alive
I will keep the dream alive

All those years and an English Lit degree wasted on one band. Oh well, what's an Anglophile to do?

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