New (to me) camera

On our weekend trip to J--'s parents, I was bold enough to ask about a camera we found while turning the basement upside-down. I consequently inherited a Minolta X-700, about which I know nothing. My primary camera for the past 4.5 years has been an HP C618 digital, which has since been eclipsed by digital cameras they give away as mid-level Bingo prizes.

So, if anyone is so inclined, is this camera worth tracking down a) a battery to replace the dead one that currently inhabits the base and b) worth investing time and money into film/classes/emotional ties into, or is this the equivalent of trying to learn guitar on a Yamaha electric with modified pickups. (Note, I tried that once at I still hate the thought of trying to learn the damned guitar.)

Advice? Pointers? Help.

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