One more round with Terri Schiavo

Because this country can't be distracted enough, the Terri Schiavo autopsy is big news today. Apparently, baffling dozens of experts and hundreds of pundits, Shiavo's brain was found to be half the size as normal for a woman her age. She was also blind. There was also no morphine in her system, which her parents contend she was administered in an attempt to hasten her death. In fact, every, single conclusion backs up the husbands story. How could they possibly have to come to such a conclusion?

The autopsy included 274 external and internal body images and an exhaustive review of Terri Schiavo's medical records, police reports and social services agency records.

Uhm, ok. I guess they did their homework. But what of those who are convinced she could have been saved?

In Washington, White House spokesman Scott McClellan said the autopsy did nothing to change President Bush's position that Schiavo's feeding tube should not have been disconnected

At least we can get rid of that pesky science and stick to our guns. I can't wait until this topic comes up at the next family get together. (Checks calendar.) Oh good, looks like Saturday will be fun.


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