Repeal the... 22nd Amendment?

Hat tip to Stupid Evil Bastard for this one. Seems Rep Steny H Hoyer (D-MD) introduced this bill, calling for Congress to repeal the 22nd Amendment (that would be the 2-term limits for Presidents). The comments when he introduced the bill are even better

[Quoting Alexander Hamilton] We do not have to rely on rigid constitutional standards to hold our Presidents accountable. Sufficient power resides in the Congress and the Judiciary to protect our country from tyranny.

Wow, Democrats really think they have a good shot when Bush is done. Visions of FDR floating through someone's head? Not to mention the complete reversal on a few years of rhetoric; does the President have to live within "rigid constitutional standards", or is it ok if he twists some facts to enable a war? Hmm?

Too bad this bill seems to languishing in Subcommittee. It could be an interesting debate if it gets some legs.

Bill H.J.RES.24, if you're interested.

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