Art Fair

Ah summer in Ann Arbor, when tourists come into the "city", streets shut down, and artists from around the one-day's-drive area congeal in the gutters to disgorge their "art" on overly-anticipatory populous. Yes, it's Art Fair. But not just one Art Fair! Oh no, this is Ann Arbor, where even the artists can't get along. So there are four fairs going at once (although, attempt to explain that to someone from out of town and you'll get blank stares).

Of course, the day I need to find it, ArborBlogs is down and I can't get this year's Art Fair Bingo. (To tide me over, I may have to recycle last years Bingo cards.) If anyone has this year's card, post a link in the comments.

Will we go? Yeah, I guess. It's kind of like Tulip Time in Holland: If you don't go on vacation during the festival, you're guaranteed to be sucked in. Plus, I need my annual injection of art-on-a-stick and chances to insult people on Political Alley.

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