Brewing Beer - Batch 0

(Cross posted to Chelsea Blog)

Today I began batch zero of brewing beer at home. My first attempt was, well, I don't know yet. I have bubbles from the fermenter, which indicates that at least something is happening. It took a lot longer than I thought it would, although I had no frame of reference.

Many thanks to the Cork 'n Cap in Jackson for setting me up with the gear and a good starter recipe. I made an English Ale, so once the beer goes into the bottle (hopefully around Friday), it will be ready to drink by 26 Aug.

I used the burner on my grill so I could keep all the moisture outside and in the hopes that the larger burner would speed the boiling. By going outside, however, I managed to get a nice, red sunburn (and a not a little dehydrated). If this turns out, I'm going to invest in a turkey fryer for some serious heat. Oh, and the chance to deep fry a turkey. (Seriously, it's actually very, very good.)

I'll put something up here when I know more about the beer. Anybody else home brewing in Chelsea?

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