Dude, you got a Dell (and it sucks)

I can think of a few University departments that subscribe to the same customer service manual that Michael Dell does.

Dell has closed their public support forums because of the rising anti-Dell rhetoric going on on the boards. They even gave notice with this little re-history:

The Customer Service boards on the Dell Community Forum will be retiring at 3:30pm this Friday, July 8th. ... Customer Service FAQs will still be available to help answer your questions. If you need further assistance, you may contact our customer service team via Chat for any non-technical issue you may have.

Of course, lots of Blogistanians are heralding Jeff Jarvis for this. While I'm sure Mr. Jarvis would love to take credit, Dell hasn't been providing the world's greatest support either. Jeff's snit is representative of the experience of many. (Sidenote: Anyone who thinks Jarvis should have gotten special treatment because he's an "A-list" blogger is completely missing the point (as Ed Bott so eloquently points out).)

I'm glad I build mine; at least I know who to blame when the power source goes pfhewt.

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